Picnic days

#summer #food #sport #garden

24th June 2018


Perfect time to relax in the Garden

In the shade of a cool umbrella, out of the sun

Cucumber sandwiches and iced lemonade

Nice accompaniament to the Barbecue chicken

Inside the wicker basket – under the foil

Chocolate cake for afters – the perfect sweet


Northern lights

In the darkness, after sun has set

The neon shines overhead

Keeping the moon company

It reflects over steel

Carriages and wheels

Telling their tales, as they pass

Lines and rails

Neon lights , white pink and green

Flood night brightening the scene

As trams whistle as they pass

Lines cutting through grass

Whilst signals share power

With lights red , amber, and green

Cab lights point down the line to be seen

Spiders in the house

#spiders #web #house

22nd June 2018

an acrostic from inkdrop

from a prompt from the imaginarium

sometimes I wonder why they’re there

popping up from out of the garden and setting up in the kitchen

i get the idea, these six legged fellows don’t like the cold…

desperate, they’ll weave their webs in hidden spaces, like

every cubby hole or stair cupboard

Resident, until cleared out with a head of a brush

Dancing with the wind

Salford 1st March 2018

I’ve been told today was supposed to be the start of spring in the UK.  Here’s a piece about the reality!….Inky.


They came from the east

various different snow shapes

dropping from the cotton wool clouds

to engage in a dance

with the cold northern winds

and as mercury heads closer to the sun for warmth

it retreats toward the thermometer bulb

its not sub zero yet – but it just feels like it



Some call him a shadowy figure

If you look at the wall carefully enough and

Look, you may just recognise him

He definitely has a definable shape

Of course – you would have a problem catching the real him

Unless you find the door or window that’s casting his form

Even then – he may be standing far away

The Moon casting his form on the wall

Take a look behind you – there’s nobody there – he’s

Exited the room under cover of darkness

Heading out west

Salford 19th June 2018

#life #travel #sunrise #breakfast #morning

I woke up early this morning, the local wildlife were up with the sun. I’m unaware of what they were discussing….probably breakfast, or maybe football ⚽️ . If anybody knows what rooks , blackbirds, song thrushes, and pigeons talk about over breakfast…please let me know

I spotted two aircraft travelling over the skies of Salford this morning. Don’t know where they were going, but I’m sure it was some place nice and hot. Sun is slowly making its way above the horizon in the east, soon it will be bright and sunny

The soft rolling traffic from the early morning Trafford road makes a somewhat pleasant accompaniment to the sound of the ticking clock. But in what’s now known as a twenty four hour society/world , there’s always deliveries to be made, early morning jobs to get to and work to be done

There’s a break in the quiet rumble of the traffic, as a Motorcycle rider mistakes one of the carriageways for a stretch of the Isle of Man TT race course. It’s awoken the pigeons kipping in the eaves of the nearby apartment block.

Another trail of white crosses the Salford skies as the rumble of early morning traffic continues. The broadcasters will be preparing the news items for delivery about now, whilst out on the waterfront, as the deliveries come in and out of the factories of Trafford park, and noise from The Trafford road begins to grow, feathered residents of the nearby basins are flexing their webbed feet , attending to cygnets and goslings all and pondering the really important issues of the day,

What’s for breakfast ?

Nose in a book

Salford, 18th June 2018

With all the books on my shelf in my bedroom/office it was hard for me to pick one for this submission to the website

There is however a reworked gem that, at nighttime I can’t seem to put down at the moment.

Its dragons at crumbling castle and other stories….and I’ll tell you why

Once you’ve got past the tale of how a young servant brokered a deal tween the knights of the round table and some fire breathing dragons you’ll come across the tale of the very little chaps that live deep down in the fibres of your rug or carpet…the carpet people.

A second volume details the workings of a witch and her modern day transport…a vacuum cleaner! And the tales of the goings on in the Wild West (of wales)

And then there’s the tale of TOM, a computer…who wrote a letter to Santa Claus, and wound up getting a visit from the jolly man in the red suit himself….and got a very special gift (for a two year old)