<a href="">Foggy</a> For years it’s been a clarion call, Over the hills and valleys it falls Greeting us all, with the message Get yourselves ready, winters on its way! you may ignore the creeping fog...but the leaves have already fallen



<a href="">Risky</a> Really you took health and safety and chucked it out, If you thought skidding across the frozen pond was a good idea Swans, geese and gulls watched in amusement, as you kept testing the thinness of the pond ice You’ve been told, but won’t listen....till you go in


Ascend A top of a Small hill can feel like Mt everest to a small child Conquering the challenge of Elevating themselves so far, from North South East and West - they can see all around them Descending might take a bit longer - but first take in the view

Shimmer v2

<a href="">Shimmer</a> Several drops of sun protection happily playing in the hotel pool In the knowledge they’ll be joined by others soon Moments of the summers appearance Make rainbows appear on the pools surface as Excited little sun oil drops get Round together to play on the water


Cloaked Could that new fangled coloured box, be that must have games machine you've been Looking at in the newspapers and magazines all year Over every review, it supposedly beats the competition hands down As you are lined up with your friends, the gossip Keeps on growing - as to what is inside it Expectation … Continue reading Cloaked

Winters creep

Summers days seem to be shortening, As the light gets darker in the sky Up in the clouds, winter is playing Seeding them with creations All designed by himself, and delivered by the Great winds, of east and west Expect a drop in the mercury and Something tasty to keep you warm