gathered together

waiting on the western wind

dandelion seed


ready for the off

travelling on the airflow

dancing under clouds


landing in a green

settling down to sleep

new flowers take form


The son of plot a

sets root growing in plot b

as tree line grows



17 thoughts on “Transient

  1. Perfectly transient!

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      1. I liked what I saw!

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  2. Indeed. Nothing more transient than a dandelion seed head. I love the poem too.

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    1. Cheers! Glad you enjoyed the read, plenty more stuff in here so feel free to take a browse.

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  3. This is beautifully captured; the white pops against the soft green. Thanks so much for following!

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    1. Many thanks for taking a look, Linda. Glad you liked the photo.

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  4. Lovely shot, and beautiful poem. ‘ready for the off’ Love this line. It sounds like the hairs of the dandelion are ready to take off at any moment. Maybe they are…maybe they long to fly and turn into something else juts as beautiful 🙂

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    1. Cheers for taking a look miss Kwong! Plenty more where that came from. Feel free to take a wonder around the site.

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