Weathered Moods


mood they say , comes in colour

the warm sunny yellow of a summers morning

brings the best from your smile


pastel coloured gardens happiness brings

as well as the feathered friends around them that sings

as children they play happy, in the garden they sing 🎶


rose coloured hues and bright blue skies

welcome the morning with a bright hello

as white clouds float in the air


But captured by the camera lens

the mood in the air darkens away

as clouds go from white to blackened grey


and it does something to the mind

as the rain comes down…sadness I find

as smiles are wiped away…by those

clouds in the sky that turned it dark grey


the rain falls down, the mood gets duller

but a break in the cloud becomes quite fuller

as the sun ☀️ through the cloud begins to show

and colours make people smile in a rainbow 🌈


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