Salford 28th November 2016


it Started with the cherry patterned plate

All covered with various little oriental delights

Then, came the main course – noodles in an oriental sauce, meats and veg

Every mouthful , a different explosion of taste

A Delightful meal – full of colour, aroma and flavour

Result : Hunger Sated.


4 thoughts on “Sated

    • inkdropk 28 Nov 2016 / 10:57 am

      Am I a foodie ..? I’m a human bean…so yes I like my food. Learned some great tricks from mum dads and others on cooking some wonderful classics. But my favourite dish…has to be eggy bread…quick omelette done in a flash of bacon fat…bread dipped in egg and shallow fried.

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      • Life Memoirs Blog 28 Nov 2016 / 9:28 pm

        No don’t take me wrong ,but some people are like who really enjoy the food with ambience and I found you one of them ,because when you express it indicates the way of your enjoyment.Even I am that kind of person too ,so I asked 🙂

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