Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester

Salford , 4th November 2016

Guido (or Guy) Fawkes was the man who came up with the idea to blow up parliament during the English civil war.

Its rumoured he hung out at the medieval hall of the Radclyffe family, Ordsall Hall in Salford, whilst hiding from the Lord protector and his men.

He was caught and executed, but his deeds are remembered every 5th November

You’re probably wondering why i’m bring this up at 0030 hours GMT


Its quite simple – Microsoft decided two hours ago to plant their latest release of Windows 10 on my hard drive….Fireworks of a technological kind.

What the latest build brings to the party is at present – anybody’s guess – I’m sure there will be new features.. but will they have fixed any of the faults reported by me and my fellow users…??? its amusing how this process ran 24 hrs in succession

I sought solace in a new build for wordpress 🙂 and a 3D paint app that was being trialled.

Adobe and Corel’s posts to my hard drive will now surely follow in the next few days.


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