Home Turf

Home Turf

Well this is my back yard, My Back Gate…. (Dire Straits – My Parties, 1991)

Five things that make my house , my home.

(1) The Soapstone Elephants and a patch of Green


Purchased on various holidays in the med

Located in the living room that over looks the garden – our little patch of green.

  1. Home Turf Well first off, when you’ve driven round to the front of the house – there’s the welcoming committee – “Sons of Fred” – namely three spruce trees that line the garden fence and the path leading up to the door of the house – and the various flower pots around it.

(2) The Big Red Sofa

Located in the living room, a lovely place to relax, and has a lovely view of the front garden

(3) The Front door Sign

Particularly proud of this one – Why? Because I made it.

Created from some wood and some door numbers and a spare lion shaped door knocker, the other two are actually on the doors 🙂

(4) The Menagerie of objects


Mum has her owls, Dad has his Alabaster Cats – and me ? I’ve got my turtles from my journeys abroad (one Greek, the other Turkish). and these animals ? they’re all around the house (Dad’s puddy tats are in their own special spot – to keep them safe from wondering hands 🙂 ) The two turtles have been joined by two others recently – they’ve come from the Sea – Life Centre across the bridge in Old Trafford and were purchased when we took the nephews visiting there.

(5) My little hideaway

The place where I create this Blog 🙂 – and also the place where I do my listening, painting reading and writing – I also process the pictures I take with my digital camera


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