Bird of Prey

#Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day19 #Manchester #UK #Archived #Poetry

Pulled this one out of my notebook – and decided to post it here after a little polish!

Manchester, 15th August 2013

Feathered Assassin

Sits on a vintage building

Waiting for Dinner


Sharpened talons gripped,

eyes focused on the quarry

his targets are marked


The pigeons gather

over the square together

strengthened in Number?


Moving in one Move

The feathers in the Gardens

make for Safe Haven


Swooshing and Swooping

over Manchester’s Skyline

Mission – Accomplished


2 thoughts on “Bird of Prey

  1. inkdropk 19 Apr 2016 / 9:55 am

    Cheers for Reading! Glad you liked it.


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