#Napowrimo, #Blogging101, #Fruit, #Tomato, #Soup, #Sauce, #Plant, #Leaves, #Roots, #Pasta, #Pizza


That tin you’re opening
did you know?
That soup or sauce
took time to grow

Grown from plants, with heritage of state

Moneypenny and Windsor – varieties on plate

Seasoned and cooked up by chef in a pan

Creating a lunch tasty to plan
From a small plant,
with its roots in the ground
taking its food from
nutrients around.

Sun and the Rain,
kept the plant warm and fed
as it established itself
in its warm soil bed.

And fruits of green
did appear on the plant,
they took time to ripen
time nature would grant.

And as they got bigger,
the fruits took on a rich red,
and the tomatoes were taken
from their leafy green bed.

Added to salads or pasta in sauce
and tasty as used in a pizza of course


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