Photography @ BASIC – Ed5

Photography@BASIC – Ed.5


Salford, 9th March 2016

Today’s session involved creating ‘reminders’ for our cameras.

We were each given an envelope with tags with the common functions of our cameras and each of us had to write down how to get each function on our camera.

I created my set of ‘tags’ for my Sony Cybershot, (DSC H-300) as its the camera I will be using mostly, to create images for this Blog

How to switch on Flash, what modes were on the camera, and basic file operations were some of the things we had to find and when we had – scribbled the ‘how to’ on the back of each tag…with each member of the group having various different cameras, it will help when we go into more complex processes in creating our photos.

Each set of tags will be laminated so we can use them Indoors and Outdoors.

After we had completed the exercise, we did a spot of close – up photography with some jars of sweets.


Jelly Babies and Cola Bottles

Humbugs and Dolly Mixtures


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