Jack frost – the artist

Anybody telling you the weathers improving – I have evidence to the contrary if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere. Jack Frost was out again last night


Location – The Drive where Mum and Dad park the car

And as you can plainly see – Dear old Jack has danced all over it!

However, I do like the patterns he’s left on the roof – its quite artistic.

Dad isn’t that impressed – he’s scraping jack’s artwork off the windows.


7 thoughts on “Jack frost – the artist

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  1. Wilson Bentley was the first to photograph snowflakes; taking his first picture in 1885. He was fascinated by the patterns. He took about five thousand pictures. Ironically he died of a chest infection contracted in a blizzard.

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    1. Which is why i chose to take this pic behind a double glazed window with the zoom on my camera, kaptonok…british winters are becoming really hard to tell what they’ll do next 🙂


      1. Yes the weather is changing but it has always been changable,
        which is useful fodder for change doubters.
        Inovators often take chances they just cant help it.


    1. Yes! Nice of you to notice Miss Moon. I was getting bored with the way it looked so I’ve played with the edit suite to get it the way I wanted it. Cheers for Noticing.


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