I’ve been informed by Auntie Beeb – Spring is on it’s way.  With all these Named storms happening – it doesn’t feel like it….

However, I’m an optimistic soul since my New Year Resolution and I’ve pulled this poem out of my archive for readers to get a little taste of Spring!

It appeared in the Forward Poetry Anthology – New beginnings…


Like their glass friends

the humble garden bulb,

has sat quietly

all winter.


Waiting for those signs,

The first melted ice

The dropping tree snow

or The returning birds


Preparing for the Moment,

That Spring in the Air

And the perfect Moment

The warmth hits the ground


As those first warm rays

Drop softly 0n Ground

Bulb pops up a shoot

And takes a look around


Till it drinks up the sun,

and lets its colour explode

Giving some sunshine

to a homeowners abode.


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