Another book review

I’m currently reading a series of books I first came across when imperial war museum north hosted once upon a wartime in its special exhibitions gallery.

Having covered the machine gunners by Robert westall and Michael morpurgo s novels war horse and blitzcat, I’m currently reading something a little more lighter

William at war, part of the just William series by Richmal Crompton.

Wartime has come to Williams backyard and like every schoolboy in the country in the U.K., Williams determined to do his bit for king and country. Trying to catch the enemy with his gang …the outlaws, deciphering messages in code or just trying to be a hero,  ten wonderfully written tales show the schoolboy antics of a kid in wartime.

A wonderful book with laughs a plenty

Its on sale as part of the war fiction in the imperial war museum, but is available from all good bookstores courtesy of Macmillan paperbacks for £6.99.


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