Here and Now

In response to the Daily post photo challenge



Its Half Past Seven on a winters morning – and i’m making preparations for Tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

One has already sorted out the problem of what to buy his younger nephews, and they’ll be getting that in the new year.  A small gift appropriate for their age range has been wrapped up and be heading down the road so there’s something for them under the tree.

The fun begins today with the adults – yours truly is going to be sat outside a well known boutique buying something appropriate for mum and little blister…after that – i’m going to have to be a little creative with Dad and the brother-in-law….

Nevertheless – i’m determined to enjoy my Christmas holidays this year

So whatever you are doing, have a good un!

I’ll have my nose in a festive Discworld Book, after my Christmas Lunch.

Happy Hogswatch, everybody.


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