View from a window

A piece inspired by the above artwork, created by me @ BASIC – Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, UK

I’m sat in my room, which overlooks the garden.  As I look straight ahead, I can see a swathe of green in front of me. In lines of four, either light or dark green are two lines of lettuces – that i’d helped plant earlier in the year.  The light green line is a number of crisp spring lettuce – lined up like soldiers on parade in the sun.  Behind them are a line of tomato plants, not ready for picking yet – but they soon will be.  The green fruits are slowly turning  – and they’re starting to blush a wonderful shade of red.  Rich red tomatoes are just the thing in a salad, tasty in a pasta dish too…they’d go nicely with the potted basil in the kitchen.

Its clear outside but its blowing a horrible gale.  The trees outside are bending to a westerly winds direction.  My mind turns to the scouts out on the moor – its a bit windy to be going out trekking – that wind sounds a bit fierce!  Dad calls from the bottom of the stairs – lunch is ready – tomato salad perhaps? If so, that front line of soldiers will be depleted in number.  Reinforcements will need to be planted later this afternoon.


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