Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done.”

I’ve heard it said , that camera’s capture a moment.

Whether it be analogue or Digital – the Image is kept on media

but in order to catch that moment…you have to be there

The film has to be fresh – or card clean – so the pictures can be captured on them…the timer has to be set just so and of course the lens settings have to be the way you want them.

Then, there’s location – do you really want that tree sticking out of your Uncle’s head ?  Reflections are everywhere and sunspots dont half look daft on a supposed “Perfect Shot”

You can spend hours waiting…while you wait for the shot to arrive.

And then – regardless of conditions, times, subject –

Its time to take the shot – and light hits film or sensor.

And that moment in history is captured.


3 thoughts on “Freeze Frame

  1. Gonçalo Julião 19 Jan 2016 / 11:49 pm

    yeah and how many times we reveal the photos or see them later on our computers and feel unsatisfied, whether it is an odd looking shadow on a portrait or undesired noise… It’s a patience and repetition work, until we can manipulate the setting, light and time in our advantage 🙂

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