In order to write this blog, I’ve been trawling through the Archive of stuff that people collect over the years.  Now, depending on your interests this could include comics or CDs , other publications or even photographs….

Ahhh….Photographs.  I can’t say I’ve got true hard copies of these anymore….Since the dawn of Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop, Most of these are stored away on CD-ROM….occasionally coming out of their time capsules to appear as a Digital Wallpaper for my Windows based laptop.

Thing is….the Hard copies still remain…

My Camping trips out with the 90th Salford scout troop, where I conquered my fears – on a number of occasions, Climbing rope bridges at ridiculous heights, or Night hikes over rugged moorland.

Working on Sporting events around Greater Manchester – not at least at Heaton Park – where I helped out as a member of the Technology Support Crew for Manchester’s Commonwealth Games

My Graduation Pics from Manchester Metropolitan University – The Official Graduation Pic still hangs on the wall someplace, but I still have the large 35mm photos from the day itself

And last but not least – My latest exploits for London 2012 – where I helped out with the Ambassadors at Old Trafford….

Each of these had their own little document to say “I’d Done it” from my Scouter’s Warrant from the Scout Association to The Commemorative Baton from Londons Olympic Committee, but its the photographs i’ll cherish most – in particular the group shots of friends and fellow volunteers….some of them sadly no longer with us any more

Not bad for someone who was told he’d never walk anymore…


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