Unlucky for Some

DSC00542They say you should save up your pennies
for a rainy day,
appreciate the free stuff
use the blue skies play

Stepping on cracks is unlucky
And crossing a black cat is too
but there’s summat that’s been bothering me
and i’ll tell you what’s to do

If you take in every old wife’s tale you’re spun
you’ll be finished I tell ye before you’ve begun
Superstition saves us from scrapes
but you’ll enjoy the test in all those japes

So whip up a Tent over the washing line
enjoy the stars, whilst weather is fine
Have some enjoyment, grab some fun
and enjoy your days , they’ll run and run.

BTW….about that rainy day
you’ve saved your pennies in some other way?
It’ll be raining come the morning
Hip Hip Hooray!!!


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