One Pot Cooking

Cordon-Bleu cooking
could do wi’ a change.
So i’ll slice and chop veggies
and dice and arrange

And i’ll take time to grasp,
this art that’s new
As i produce something tasty
Is it soup? could be stew!

Lamb and some Greens at th’bottom of a pot
ingredients plenty – and vegetables there’s a lot
Carrots, Potatoes, Turnips and Swede
vegetables every good stew needs

No need for frying pans – no pans just a dish
that satisfies the most discerning chefs wish
What’s more i’ll stand wi’ all the ingredients i got
and cook them all in just one pot

Serve it on plates with warm crusty bread,
this delicious pot will have everyone fed.
Eat wi’ Red Cabbage or Pickles to suit
Perhaps a serving of sliced up Beetroot


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