A Strawberry Vignette

Another silver winner – a tale of a strawberry – enjoy!


I started life,
all green, not red
I was difficult to find
amongst the pansies
mistaken for leaves.
Gardening Folk,
smiled at me.


I grew in the warmth
of a summer sun
My colour changed
a brilliant red.
Signals for gardeners
time for the picking


I was thrown in a basket
and headed for the coast
whilst others saw pans
and ended on toast
or in cases as tartlets
a tasty bake


Resplendent, Rich and Red
taken from my soily bed
washed and dressed, in dairy cream
a treat at wimbledon
a strawberries dream


Whilst others picked on the day
went another confectionery way
they ended up in sugar & cream
too pleasing, but alas
ended up – in a place that is freezing!


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