Big Brother

With most students off in their halls of residence – a tale of high tech snooping….

There’s a fellow called Big Brother –

who’s watching you and me

He’s head of “Surveillance society”

and he’s looking for a rogue or three

You see he got all interested

when the students started a rout

with talk of “Freedom” and “Human Rights”

So he sent his agents about

Whilst ministers talked of “saving our shores”

Big brothers lot moved while they took their applause

Following dissenters on their ranch

Aided by their friends in special branch

But now  – he doesn’t even need get out of bed

as cameras point down on everyone’s head!

In the aim of “Securing the towns”

Honest protesters just sit and frown

So be concerned about Human rights –

Big Brother’s on watch – both morning and night…

And if you are Vexed – and know not what to do

Remember – “Big Brother is Watching you!”


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