Lark Hill Place


A reaction to a visit to Lark Hill Place, a reconstructed victorian street located in Salford’s museum & art gallery.
On your way to Peel Park,
lies an old cobbled street
from that time before Tarmac
Lay under your feet
.A Modern carriage waits
for its wheels to be fixed
By Bracegirdles Blacksmiths
the metals are mixed.
Off Ackers’ is Tomlinson’s
wi’ sweets of the past
and those fruit drops in th’ window
How long would they last?
To the kid chimney sweep on 2’6 a day
those sweeties would take up a part o’ their pay.

Over Ackers the music shop
plays wax discs of the day
and outside the toy shop
the local kids play

And the sound from th’ Blue Lion
rise up with a cheer!
why not its where
flagons are loaded wi ‘beer!

And as you go from the tavern
you pass the states mans home
next to th’ undertakers wi’ its
deathly tome.

The old toy shop

The Blacksmith

Penny Farthing

The Terrace at No 3


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