Detonate Dibnah, a man known for knocking down chimneys even as the foundations burned…he watched today, it’s oh so different as charges are laid out in a pattern neat in stacks and co ordinated in a way the building collapses in on itself the great man would be mightily impressed … but exciting as in … Continue reading Detonate


Infuse Salford, 28th May 2017 It’s funny – how night after night fresh tea leaves bring flavour under a little bit of help from some boiling water enjoy it with milk and sugar – or perhaps some lemon? Continue reading Infuse


Evanescent Mural on a warehouse wall in Old Trafford, A moment in time. Not the original – merely a humble Copy , Holding the Essence or Spirit of the area around it Together for all those who live there to Enjoy it – namely the Residents Continue reading Evenescent


Catapult it seemed like a good idea to let little freddie have something to play with till the time arised when flying ducks took cover from rocketed pebbles hurled by the lad using his sling shot Continue reading Catapult

Warp and Weft

Yarn Salford, 22nd May 2017 A tale of Northern Mills   From north to south and from east to west crafty threads combine on warp and weft   Coming from the animal from out on the hill and carded and threaded and spun till wheels still   Or straight from the plant coming over the … Continue reading Warp and Weft


Unmoored floating out of the marina and into the bay did a sleepwalking helmsman hear “Anchors Aweigh” Floating off silently to seas far off shore cries from crew heard far on the shore “help us all!” they implore For on its journey out to sea stuck in mud crew found it be only hoping for … Continue reading Unmoored